Job descriptions

You will find here accounting and bookkeeping related tools and resources to help you choose a career in accounting, apply on accounts payable specialist jobs, prepare for an invoicing coordinator interview, assess your accounting skill set, and much more.

Accounting Clerk Job Description

OTHER NAMES Bookkeeper Accounting Assistant DESCRIPTION Accounting clerks are responsible for a variety of tasks within the accounting department. Duties vary depending on the size of the company, i.e. they will be broader in scope working for a small company. DUTIES Enter bills Maintain accounts in accounting software Record and control accounts receivable, accounts payable, […]

Billing Job Description

BILLING FUNCTIONS: BILLING CLERK / BILLING SUPERVISOR RELATED JOB: FREIGHT FORWARDER DESCRIPTION Billing professionals are part of the accounting department, most often within a large company. They are responsible for preparing company sales-related invoices and forms.   DUTIES  BILLING CLERK Billing clerks gather billing-related information. They edit invoices then control billing via purchase orders and […]

Inventory and Purchasing

FUNCTIONS: Inventory control clerk / Purchasing control clerk / Procurement clerk Inventory supervisor / Purchasing supervisor  DESCRIPTION Purchasing and inventory management professionals handle purchasing transactions and keep track of material, equipment and merchandise inventory. DUTIES PU​RCHASING CLERK Control purchase orders and check whether materials, equipment and merchandise are available Conduct price evaluations Prepare and manage […]

Accounts Receivable Job Description

  FUNCTIONS Accounts receivable clerk Accounts receivable supervisor DESCRIPTION Accounts receivable professionals work in the accounting department. They record the information for accounts receivable and control the regular payment of the company’s debts. DUTIES ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE CLERK Gather and prepare the accounting documents required to process accounts receivable Carry out bank deposits Gather sales information […]

Accounts payable Job Description

FUNCTIONS Accounts payable clerk Accounts payable supervisor DESCRIPTION Accounts payable professions perform duties inherent to the operating debts the company is required to pay. They check and compile invoices and reconcile supplier account statements. DUTIES ACCOUNTS PAYABLE CLERK File and enter invoices in the system Compare invoices, receiving slips and purchase orders to make sure […]


FUNCTIONS Credit clerk / Credit officer Credit supervisor / Credit analyst DESCRIPTION Credit professionals work for the accounting department. They are responsible for applying company standards, practices and policies in terms of credit. They study customer files and track the various levels of credit granted. DUTIES > CREDIT CLERK Manage new credit requests Open credit […]

Payroll Accountant Job Description

Business management appeals to payroll professionals. They like to work with numbers and follow establish procedures. They like detailed, exacting activities requiring organization and thoroughness. FUNCTIONS: Payroll clerk / Payroll accountant Senior payroll technician Payroll supervisor DESCRIPTION Payroll professionals are part of the accounting or payroll departments. They are responsible for administering employee remuneration. They […]

Collections Job Description

FUNCTIONS Collection clerk Collection supervisor DESCRIPTION Collection professionals are part of the accounting department. They are in charge of collecting past-due accounts, i.e. collecting money that customers owe the company, once the payment date has passed. The job involves contacting customers and providing them with convincing arguments to pay in a timely manner. DUTIES  COLLECTION […]

Accounting Technician Job Description

OTHER NAMES: ASSISTANT ACCOUNTANT DESCRIPTION Accounting technicians are often in charge of several activities and the accounting cycle. They are closely involved in preparing summary financial statements. In large companies, they supervise various clerks (e.g. accounting, billing, collection clerks) and work with the controller, accounting managers and internal or external auditors. In medium-size companies, they […]

Bookkeeping Job Description

DESCRIPTION Bookkeepers generally work for small companies and can handle several companies at the same time. They take care of all current tasks and those related to the presentation of the financial statements.  Thirty percent of bookkeepers are self-employed and 40% work part time. More than 90% of bookkeepers are women. DUTIES Maintain and control […] network