Accounting Technician Job Description




Accounting technicians are often in charge of several activities and the accounting cycle. They are closely involved in preparing summary financial statements.

In large companies, they supervise various clerks (e.g. accounting, billing, collection clerks) and work with the controller, accounting managers and internal or external auditors.

In medium-size companies, they handle all the accounting tasks that do not require the involvement of a licensed accountant, e.g. bookkeeping, billing, collection, payroll, taxes.

A DEC in accounting or a bachelor’s degree is increasingly sought by recruiters.
Accounting technicians can obtain an accounting designation by getting a university degree and taking a professional training program, e.g. chartered accountant (CA), certified general accountant (CGA) or chartered management accountant (CMA).


  • Maintain and control accounting entries
  • Calculate production costs
  • Take inventory
  • Prepare invoices
  • Control year-end records
  • Assist in compiling the budget
  • Produce tax returns
  • Draft reports on company finances


Accounting technicians must have good concentration and conceptual skills. They are good number-crunchers and like math.

They should be detail-oriented, methodical and trustworthy. They meet deadlines and comply with specific standards.

Accounting technicians must also be skilled at communicating with co-workers and customers.

Employers value proficiency in office software, spreadsheets and the main accounting software.


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