Accounting Clerk Job Description


  • Bookkeeper
  • Accounting Assistant


Accounting clerks are responsible for a variety of tasks within the accounting department. Duties vary depending on the size of the company, i.e. they will be broader in scope working for a small company.


  • Enter bills
  • Maintain accounts in accounting software
  • Record and control accounts receivable, accounts payable, accounting entries and the inventory master file
  • Assist in compiling summary reports
  • Perform account and bank reconciliations
  • Etc.

Accounting clerks working for a small company may be called on to prepare financial statements and handle payroll.


Accounting clerks have to be versatile. They thorough, detail-oriented, have impeccable organizational skills, and are comfortable with numbers.

Employers are increasingly requiring proficiency in office software, spreadsheets and the main accounting software.


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