Accounts payable Job Description


  • Accounts payable clerk
  • Accounts payable supervisor


Accounts payable professions perform duties inherent to the operating debts the company is required to pay. They check and compile invoices and reconcile supplier account statements.



  • File and enter invoices in the system
  • Compare invoices, receiving slips and purchase orders to make sure that quantities, descriptions and prices match
  • Check and reconcile supplier account statements
  • Issue and send drafts and cheques
  • Track credits
  • Follow up problem invoices
  • Be in contact with suppliers
  • Control expense reports

Accounts payable supervisors

Supervisors oversee accounts payable clerks. Several years of experience in accounts payable are required to hold this type of job. 


Accounts payable professionals must be independent, organized and responsible. They must have good analytical skills and communicate easily.

Employers generally expect a high level of proficiency with office software and relevant accounting software.

The job of supervisor requires personnel supervisory skills.


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