Recruiting: Skills looked for by employers in 2023

While the world of employment today has to deal with a very present labour shortage and major recruitment challenges, companies are looking for the best talent more than ever. Which skills are most in demand by organizations in 2023?

With the current business environment coloured by the lack of personnel plus retention difficulties, companies want to hire people who are not only qualified, but will be loyal and productive in the long term. To achieve this objective, employers are focusing on specific skills that illustrate what hiring looks like at the start of this year.

Understand the realities of remote work

Popularized during the pandemic, remote work is here to stay. According to recruitment firm Morgan Philips, it is paramount for organizations to ensure that employees who perform their tasks remotely can quickly understand how sharing software, communication tools and virtual project management systems work. Other basic technologies such as Microsoft Office or social media must also be assimilated since they are widely used today – all industries included.

Soft skills head the list

An impressive educational background and a well-filled CV are no longer the main criteria sought by employers in this new year. The talent acquisition firm Robert Half points up, in connection with 2023 trends, that soft skills are currently in demand. To ensure the effective development of projects and the growth of the company, candidates must therefore master human skills such as emotional intelligence, creativity, self-confidence and stress and time management.

Teamwork and communication

Working effectively in a team and having strong communication skills are characteristics that increase the chances of an applicant getting the job they want. In addition to increasing the sense of belonging to the company among staff, collaboration at work stimulates performance. Since workers are physically farther apart these days, a potential recruit’s ability to communicate clearly and respectfully is highly valued by hiring managers.

Resilience and adaptability on the menu

In these difficult times, where the work environment and the economic climate are changing rapidly, being adaptable is an important ability to evaluate in a candidate. President of the firm Recruit, Jack Kelly indicated last fall in Forbes magazine pages that 2023 will be marked by the hiring of employees capable of demonstrating mental toughness and resilience  in the face of possible reductions in the workforce due to technological advances or financial difficulties in business.

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