CV: Should you emphasize your remote work capability?

This practice gained ground during lockdown, and has attracted many workers since then. Job seekers prefer to leave scheduled office hours for the flexibility of working from home. However, mentioning the experience of remote work in a CV is not common practice.
Should this data be emphasized with recruiters?

In the past two years, the majority of workers have experimented with remote work. Even though the health crisis is fading, many companies now offer remote work to their current and new employees. Although this practice is no longer marginal, several CV optimization experts recommend that you still indicate this experience in your professional profile. A well-written resume usually doesn’t have a section dedicated specifically to telecommuting, but it’s possible to mention your knowledge of working from home in different ways.

Remote work as an additional skill

In the “Skills and qualifications” section of your CV, it could be useful to mention your experience in working from home, and how this practice has given you certain new skills. For example, you can mention that working from home has taught you to be more independent, to improve your sense of organization, to better manage your schedule, to increase your concentration or to master several software and digital tools. Use a bulleted list on your CV to clearly highlight the skills you mastered while working remotely.

Mention remote work in the job title

By adding the words “remote work” to the various jobs you have held remotely, you give recruiters the opportunity to notice that you are already comfortable working from home for a given position. This could make your application stand out. The employer looking to fill a
position outside the office will assume that you are already used to this mode of operation, and that you will be able to perform the tasks requested more easily, without additional training. 

Determine the needs of the employer

Finally, if you’re applying for a job that does not really allow remote work, indicating on your CV that you are an expert in the field might not be a good idea. Although mentioning it demonstrates your versatility and flexibility, some recruiters might find that your practice of
working remotely is incompatible with the professional needs of an in-person position. 

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