Looking for a job in accounting? Prospects are looking good…

A recent global survey by staffing firm Robert Half shows that accounting graduates are in high demand by Canadian companies. Highlights.

New university graduates have something to celebrate job prospects are promising in many sectors, including accounting. In fact, more than three-quarters (76%) of managers surveyed said they were actively looking for the best young talent to recruit in their offices. What attracts their attention in these recruits freshly landed from school? Their enthusiasm for starting their careers and the variety of points of view they bring. This energy is welcome in an era of job market renewal. “We are really at an economic peak, there is even a shortage in several areas,” says Michael O’Leary, Regional Vice President at Robert Half. “New graduates are on the cutting edge of training while being comfortable with technology. This is very interesting for an organization, “he adds.

Another factor of great interest to employers is their multiple disciplines, a strength among many graduates. “The generation that enters the labour market today is very much on the lookout for new means of communication, in addition to promoting teamwork with several departments. For a company looking to enrich its brand, it’s an invaluable force,” says Michael O’Leary.

How are you to stand out?
While the market may be to his advantage, a graduate looking for a job will still has to think about how to present his cards well in order to get that first stimulating job. “We’re hiring a new graduate for his potential, not for his vast experience, obviously. He or she therefore has to demonstrate their motivation and do their homework,” says the executive at Robert Half. Practically speaking, what does that mean?

In addition to a flawless virtual presence (social media), a candidate who seeks to network before even getting his diploma will be one step ahead of his colleagues. The variety of projects carried out will also be viewed favourably, given the added value of versatility. But Michael O’Leary also recommends not underestimating the strength of classic avenues: looking for internships, targeting organizations open to partnerships. “There are a lot of gateways to big organizations in terms of contract/temporary work,” he says.

The future looks promising; everyone can carve a place in the industry!
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