10 Tips to Make a Good First Impression

The first impression left with a potential employer can be decisive. Here are 10 tips to to avoid harming your entrance onto the stage, beyond the well-known “firm, but not too firm” handshake.

The first impression is crucial

Why is it important to make a good first impression? Because it lasts a long time and no one can avoid judging someone by their appearance.
Studies agree that we form our first impression in a few fractions of a second. From the first moments of a new encounter, the brain processes a large quantity of signals, from what the person says (verbal language) to posture (non-verbal language).

Some research has even revealed that a first impression can be created even without meeting someone, simply by visiting his work or private environment!

However, there is no equal to a face-to-face meeting. In 2014, three studies by the University of British Columbia showed that we make a better first impression in person than by photo or by video, for example. This first impression, formed very quickly, is very difficult to undo. It’s not for nothing that we say there is no second chance to make a good first impression.

1. A natural smile

A smile is contagious and leaves a lasting impression in the mind of the person you are talking to. Still, it must be natural! So you need to relax as much as possible to make way for big smiles.

2. Good posture

Sitting with your back straight is not only crucial for spinal health, but also reflects a good image. Sitting with the back bent reflects a lack of assurance and openness to others.

3. An adequate level of language

 It seems obvious, but your language must be appropriate to a professional environment. Small talk is to be avoided at first, which is the time to build a good impression!

4. A timely memory

 If you can remember the names of different people who have welcomed you, and as well use them in your interactions, it will likely earn you bonus points.

5. A sense of humour for the circumstance

 A sense of humour breaks down barriers. Use it sparingly, however…

6. Suitable clothing

It is not necessarily a question of wearing a jacket and tie, but make sure to look good: clean and pressed clothes, sober colours for a first meeting, etc.

7. A frank look

Just as with a straight posture, looking into the eyes is a sign of assurance. However, be careful not to stare!

8. An evident interest

Displaying interest in what the other person is saying is an excellent way of looking good. A simple tip is to ask relevant questions and arrive prepared.

9. Authenticity

 Authenticity is a human quality sought for in all relationships, and it is equally true at work. Being yourself and expressing your ideas or uncertainties simply are good examples of authentic actions.

10. A positive finale

Remember to end the interview on a positive note with a compliment, a thank you, enthusiasm for the job, etc.

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