Top 20 Good Professional Resolutions for 2020

The new year is fast approaching and it’s time to start thinking about your good resolutions for 2020. From a personal point of view, losing weight and quitting smoking are classics… But what about your 2020 professional goals? Here are 20 ideas to study. No worries: you don’t have to do everything, but setting two or three goals will help you move forward.


I will stop procrastinating

Doing everything at the last minute is the best way to forget important things, make mistakes and feel overwhelmed. Decide to deal with requests as they arrive.

I will optimize organization

Being organized is the key to successfully managing everything. You can make a daily or weekly schedule. For example, devote Monday morning to your inbox, afternoon to the telephone, Tuesday for appointments with clients, Wednesday morning for meetings, etc.

I will take stock

Are you satisfied with your situation? How long have you been on the job? Is it time for a change? The beginning of the year is the time to ask yourself these questions and consider the more or less long-term future.

I will maintain my relationships with my colleagues

A good work atmosphere can transform real chores into moments of solidarity. In 2020, take the time to chat with your colleagues, have a drink with them outside work or have lunch with them occasionally.

I will disconnect myself

Is your work phone still on and are you answering emails on Sunday? It’s time to end this habit which encroaches on your private life.

I will learn to say No

By saying Yes to everything, you are most likely on the verge of cracking. Your superiors and colleagues will not blame you if you refuse some of their requests, especially if it allows you to concentrate fully on important files. 

I will get training

It is important to continue to develop your skills, especially if you are in a technical field. And even if this is not the case it is still possible to improve on some points, such as communication, stress or time management, etc.

I will make time for myself

Between work and family it can sometimes be difficult to focus on yourself, but this is necessary to feel good. Keep a slot for yourself during the week, whether it’s just an hour for reading or going to see a movie.

I will negotiate my salary

If you haven’t had a raise for a long time, now is the time for it! Prepare your pitch: you have brought so much to the company over the last twelve months, you have completed a tough case, landed a new client, etc.

I will learn to value myself

Don’t wait for congratulations from your superiors to highlight yourself. It doesn’t mean putting yourself forward at the slightest opportunity, but don’t hesitate to point it out if you have made a significant contribution to a major file or if a client has noted that you did a good job.

I will update my resume

Even if you do not intend to apply to another company in the coming months, having an up-to-date resume is always beneficial, and will let you take stock of your skills and be prepared.

I will keep a lookout

If you do not currently have a job, it’s time to relaunch your search. And if you do have a job, nothing stops you from looking to see if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence – even if you don’t take action, a proposal from another company could serve as a lever to negotiate with your current employer.

I will challenge myself

Rising in rank, taking on new responsibilities, or even changing jobs: there is no shortage of opportunities to excel. Reflect on your career and what you could do to get things moving, remotivate yourself and accomplish something you can be proud of.

I will tidy my desk

It’s always more pleasant to work in a clean and tidy space. Get rid of paperwork you no longer need, throw out papers lying around, sort the trinkets, and make space for the new things of the coming year.

I will build my network

A professional network can be useful not only when looking for a job, but also when you are on the job. Think of social media and events where you will have the opportunity to meet other professionals.

I will start my own business

Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur but never dared to start? Make the leap in 2020! Put together a solid plan, find out about funding possibilities and the steps to take, talk about the idea with those around you to see what they think and get their advice.

I will call for help

The tendency to want to do everything all by yourself is admirable, but can get you into difficult situations that you can’t get out of, so asking someone more competent than you on the issue would have allowed you to settle the problem before it becomes too big.

I will be positive

No more grumbling and criticizing! Even when a day doesn’t go as planned, practice taking it with a smile and remembering everything that went well or pleasantly surprised you. With this attitude, hard knocks will be easier to bear.

I will play sports

Not a professional resolution, you say? Think again: in addition to the physical benefits, sports help relieve stress and clear your mind. It lets you step back and become more efficient.

I will try remote working

If you are tired of the morning traffic jams, try to arrange with your employer to work from home one or two days a week. This will save you time and avoid those stressful moments on the road or in the public transit crowd.

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