How Do You Juggle 2 Jobs?

42% of Canadian workers have more than one job and one-third run their own business, according to a Sage survey. Whether for financial issues, to start a new business or to expand your network, you might be considering another job in addition to your main job… But how can you successfully juggle the two without cracking?

Have a schedule

Daily, weekly, monthly… Whichever option you prefer, the important thing is to set a schedule and stick to it. There’s no question of answering emails for your first job during the time you scheduled to devote to the second – this would be the best way to lose your head and make mistakes in both positions. Morning for one, afternoon for the other, during the day for one and a few hours in the evening for the other, or from Monday to Wednesday for one and Thursday to Saturday for the other… There are many possibilities, so find the pace that suits you best.

Keep the goal in mind

You became an Uber driver to earn money for a particular project, you started your own business in parallel with your job, hoping to be able to go into it full time once it is working, or you need a second job more stimulating than the first… You can have good reasons to take on two jobs. When you are feeling overwhelmed, try to remember that all this will soon produce the desired results, which will give you the motivation you need to keep going.

Talk to your boss about it

This is a choice that is not easy to make, especially if your goal in the longer term is to leave your company and devote yourself fully to your other professional activities. However, keeping your boss informed could help you be organized: he will be more understanding and more willing to meet your needs if he knows you have a good reason to refuse to work overtime, for example. 

Get help

Even with a single job, it’s not always easy to manage a family and home, so with two… You won’t be able to do it all alone. Don’t hesitate to ask your friends for help with housework, shopping, etc., or even hire someone if you can. This will save you from spending too much time on domestic concerns in addition to your 60 hours of work per week. 

Take time for yourself

Finally, the only way not to crack is to take care of yourself. Don’t encroach on your sleep time. A few days of fatigue can be managed, but not several months. Also, dedicate yourself to your family and friends with outings and activities. Find a way to play sports regularly or set aside time for leisure, and keep at least one day a week free of work, during which you can relax and not think about your work obligations.

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