What do you do if your job description changes?

When you were called for an interview, you were provided with a job description so that you would know exactly what your duties would be in the company. Then you were hired and all went well… Until the time when you began to be asked to do things that should not be part of your responsibilities. How should you react?

Understand the circumstances

It could be that the company is unusually busy or, on the other hand, experiencing a slowdown. In the first case, perhaps you are being asked to assist some of your colleagues with specific tasks.  In the second case, you may be asked to perform duties that you consider beneath your qualifications, for example. The situation is undoubtedly temporary… But not necessarily. So don’t hesitate to enquire quickly – without getting agitated. Don’t complain to your colleagues – speak to your manager and try to understand where the change comes from, assuring that you are of course ready to help but may need to be trained in some things if you are not yet familiar with them.

And if it lasts?

If it becomes clear that the situation is not temporary, remind you manager what your position is. He may still entrust you with more responsibilities permanently… provided that it is justified, you agree and especially that compensation follows! Regarding a reduction in your activities – be careful, it could be a strategy to get you to leave, the company preferring a resignation to a thank you. This is called constructive dismissal and you have legal recourse.

As a last resort

Finally, if your duties no longer have anything to do with the job that you previously agreed to and your requests have not been heard, the problem may be deeper and the solution is to leave the company. Start seeking a job that actually corresponds to your skills and expectations… But be careful to stay on good terms with your previous employer as much as possible, as he could be called for enquiries about your performance before a decision to hire you.

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