How to Search for an International Job?

Do you want to work in a luxury hotel in Bora Bora? Here are some tips to search for an international job.  

The first question is, is it the same sending your CV here or elsewhere? The answer is yes. “The format for CVs is pretty standard, no matter which country you are in,” says Guy Samson, director at Conseil Pro, a firm that specializes in writing and editing CVs and cover letters.

As a career transition advisor, Guy Samson has some tips for people interested in working in another country.

The first tip is to have a local address. “Whether it’s Dubai or Toronto, it’s best to have an address in the place you want to apply. It could be a friend’s or a contact’s. This tip increases the chance of getting a first call for an interview because, yes, geographical discrimination exists,” says Guy Samson.

The second piece of advice is to avoid jargon. “Even though the format of a CV remains standard, basing it on our achievements rather than a list of jobs and functions and adapting some terms to speak the same language facilitates the process,” the advisor recommends. For example, a salesperson remains a salesperson, but a financial analyst in Quebec can be identified as a financial engineer in France.

The final tip is to aim several rungs lower than your current position. “To adapt better to our new life in a new country, we can start a bit lower down the ladder and then climb back up. This prevents hitting a wall and allows for a smoother transition,” Guy Samson says.

What about a work visa?

Before moving to another country to work it is important to have permission. This permission means obtaining a work permit and is granted at the discretion of the local authorities.

You must also have your visa in hand before entering the territory.  Most countries will not allow a foreigner to work if this person has entered the country as a tourist, for example. To learn more about the conditions to be met to work abroad you can contact the embassy or consulate of the country within Canada.

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