Accounting appointments for March 2018 in Ontario

Colin Shevlin @Mercatto Restaurant Group

Colin Shevlin is moving on from being Disbursement Agent in Foresters Financial. He is becoming Junior Accountant at Mercatto Restaurant Group in Toronto.

Shanika Hunter @Canada Revenue Agency

Shanika Hunter has been hired as a Tax Agent at Canada Revenue Agency in Burlington. She had formerly been a Paralegal Intern at Kevin Hodge Professional Corporation.

Somayeh Zarei @Wastecorp

After working as a General Accountant at Pouya Accounting Inc. , Somayeh Zarei is taking up the role of Accountant at Wastecorp in Toronto.

Amal Nalonnil @Canadian Orthodontic Partners

Amal Nalonnil has been hired by Canadian Orthodontic Partners as Accountant in Toronto. He was formerly employed at MetCap Living.

Bibi Alicia Sukdeo @BMP Metals Inc.

Bibi Alicia Sukdeo has left Wet and Wild Toronto. From this moment onwards, she will be Accounting Assistant BMP Metals Inc. in Brampton.

Shomik Rayhan Khan @TMG Builders

Shomik Rayhan Khan will now occupy the functions of Accounting Clerk at TMG Builders where he had previously worked as an Accounting Intern.

Amanda Taylor @Caryl Baker Visage

Amanda Taylor has been hired on as an Accounting Clerk at Caryl Baker Visage in Toronto. Up until now, she was a Sr. Credit Clerk at Honeywell.

Samantha Trahan @Positive Venture Group Inc.

Samantha Trahan has been appointed as an Accounting Clerk at Positive Venture Group Inc. in Wendover. Prior to that she had worked as Accounting Assistant at PiiComm.

Saurabh Sharma @Sivantos Group

After being employed as a Bookkeeper at JTS Mechanicals Ltd. , Saurabh Sharma has been hired as an Accounting Clerk at Sivantos Group in Cambridge.

Tristan Mele @The BM Group

Tristan Mele is taking up the duties of Accounting Technician at The BM Group in Ottawa. He had worked as a Sales Associate & Key holder at la prep. network