5 tips to motivate teleworkers

Teleworking stimulates productivity and innovation. So it’s not surprising that many organizations are considering adopting it more formally, even after the pandemic. The challenge is staying motivated! Here are some tips to avoid losing sight of your goals.

  1. Be structured

“Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean there’s no schedule any more,” warns Lucie Turcotte, partner and president of the Lavigne Group, a talent development consulting firm. On the contrary, to avoid procrastination, it is better to create a work routine and try to stick to it. Likewise, she suggests dressing professionally. “Working in your pyjamas or casual clothes ends up being depressing!”

Also pay attention to your natural pace of work, suggests Normand Biron, Director of Corporate Services of the CFC Group, a consulting, training and coaching firm. “So you can concentrate on the toughest tasks when you are in the best shape.”

  1. Set priorities

Lucie Turcotte also suggests taking a few minutes to draw up a list of tasks to be done, ideally at the end of the day. “This not only makes it possible to break off from work, but also to be efficient when starting work the next morning.” It’s also easier to let go, because you know you won’t forget anything, she adds. Can’t do everything? You have to go easy on yourself, Normand Biron says. To avoid discouragement, he also suggests having a certain flexibility in achieving your goals.

  1. Get set up properly

Experts agree: it’s best to set aside a more permanent workspace, which is ideally well lit, suitably furnished and free from distractions. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for equipment to make sure you perform well, such as a microphone or headset. “If you don’t have what you need, don’t let it go,” says Normand Biron. “Be proactive and persistent with your manager.”

  1. Maintain links

Virtual after-work happy hours, videoconferences – team spirit is often a motivating factor. But in the context of telework, contacts are more infrequent. “If you are missing it, you could talk to your manager and suggest adding group meetings to the schedule,” says Lucie Turcotte.

  1. Maintain healthy lifestyle habits

While teleworking, healthy life habits can quickly disappear. Just like your energy reserves. “It can weigh heavily, when you are used to going out every day or going to the gym,” says Lucie Turcotte. To remain effective, it is therefore essential to take the time to recharge, eat healthily and exercise.

Planning regular breaks throughout the day also helps recharge your energy, adds Normand Biron. “You can stop for 5 minutes every hour, for example, to get up and look outside.” Also, be careful to manage your stress well, by planning periods of relaxation or physical activity. These are all ways to keep motivated over the long term.

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