The 5 Best Paid Positions in Accounting and Finance

Employers are multiplying initiatives to hire – and retain – the best professionals in accounting and finance. Among their assets they are playing a key card – salary! According to the 2018 Salary Guide from Robert Half, here are the 5 best paid positions in accounting and finance.

You can find a detailed graphic with salaries in finance and accounting here.

Director of Risk Management (from $175,000 to $288,500)

A veritable watchdog of financial services, the Director of Risk Management has the responsibility to contribute to the growth of the branches’ profitability and improvement of the portfolio of credits assigned to him.

Chief Financial Officer (from $150,000 to $315,000)

This is the finance expert with general management. He directs the organization’s strategy, policies, procedures, and accounting and financial controls.

Treasurer (from $135,500 to $280,000)

The treasurer ensures good cash management. He participates in the financial strategy, takes care of banking relationships, issues budget forecasts and supports his analyses of the ratios.

Managing Director/Partner (from $140,000 to $230,750)

In a financial institution, the Managing Director is responsible for a division, for which he is involved in business development, strategic forecasting, customer experience and partner management.

Portfolio Manager (from $145,750 to $175,250)

The mission of this professional is increasing the value of his clients’ securities on behalf of the company. He must always be alert to financial news from around the world.

The range of compensation represents the variability of salaries based on candidates’ experience and skills for each position. These national averages must be weighted by regional differences. For example, in Quebec a coefficient of +2.9% is applied for the City of Montreal and -10% for the provincial capital.

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